VR Starter Kit for Quest3D

"How much money you need to invest into creating VR prototype of your product?" - for us this question was raised half a year ago. Main difficulty here is not a price of VR devices and software, but experience of working with them. Somehow, you need to get this experience for yourself. If your clients are willing to invest into VR prototype, hardware and your time to get it done, you are lucky, but if not, you need to invest it yourself.

There are a lot of VR hardware on the market nowadays, choosing the "right one" is pretty complex task, especially taking into account that hardware manufacturers don't follow the same way of specifying their devices, sometimes making comparison of hardware impossible. You need to learn how to read between the lines of such specifications and ask proper questions. This is one part of the experience that you need to develop if you are willing to succeed in making VR applications.

Another part is the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work in VR as most of the people would assume.

  • Is the 640x480 resolution is enough for HMD?
  • What are the real benefits of using pair of data gloves instead of one?
  • How to avoid "cyber sickness" (believe me, it's not a myth)?
  • How GUI should be made for stereoscopy?
  • Is this navigation is really that intuitive for average user?

    Get ready to answer such questions right away at the beginning of application development, as your production process, specifications and architecture of application depends on them and many others, very specific to VR.

    To start your journey you don't need a lot of money - there are two devices available on market that are low cost and have pretty much all the functionality that you need:

  • Vuzix VR920
  • P5 Glove

    With our own implemetation for support of these devices in Q3D, we did the most boring part for you!
    Purchase "VR Starter Kit for Quest3D" and start developing your Virtual Reality right now!

    Virtual hand

    Stereoscopic sample, you can view this picture using eye-crossing technique

    "VR Starter Kit for Quest3D" include two custom Q3D channels:
  • VR920 tracker
  • P5 absolute

    Practical Quest3D source examples of:
  • Usage of VR920 stereoscopy for Q3D projects
  • Head-tracking example with quaternion filtering
  • Separable head / body movement demo
  • Example of usage gamepad for controlling your avatar
  • P5 data glove example, with creating virtual hand representation
  • Usage of P5 glove buttons

    And in-depth documentation of usage Vuzix VR920 and P5 glove.

    Additional free downloads:

    Download VR Starter Kit executable demo package

    Download VR920 Stereoscopic rendering for Quest3D documentation

    Links to discussions of VR Starter Kit for Quest3D:
    Quest3D forums

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