VRM (Virtual Reality Models) - is a small research and development team from Kiev (Ukraine), with more than 6 years of experience in development of real-time applications. We believe that Virtual Reality and modern real-time rendering technologies provides a huge possibilities in improving communication process and presentation of concepts and ideas. [Our vision]

Here you can check our recent projects and area of research:
Stereoscopic Flash AR demo [NEW!]

This is an example of how ActionScript3 with FLAR and Papervision3D can be used to implement Flash-based stereoscopic augmented reality applications compatible with Vuzix Wrap 920 AR. [Open Source]

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EVE Online Map [NEW!]

Free detailed 3D star map for popular MMO game "EVE online". Navigate the world of EVE online with great visuals and blazingly fast speed, using controls familiar from the game.

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Database Immersive Visual Analysis
Version 1.2 available now!
DIVA - is a 2D/3D viewer of database physical structure.

DIVA environment creates comprehensive visual 3D space, where in simple way represents database logical structure.
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Vuzix's HMDs for Quest3D [NEW!]

Our list of custom channels with examples allows you to use full potential of new and old Vuzix's HMDs (icluding VR920, Wrap 920VR & AR, Wrap 1200VR) in your Quest3D VR application.

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Kinect experiments [NEW!]

Microsoft Kinect delivers amazing set of sensors in one affordable package. Originally created for gaming console XBOX 360, it quickly being adopted for PC by wast community of enthusiasts...

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VRPN for Quest3D

VRPN (Virtual Reality Peripheral Network) support in Quest3D environment.

Look for free channels and simple examples on the project page.

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Webcam capture for Quest3D [NEW!]

Stream webcam imagery to texture in real-time!
Works with all type webcams we've tested, including brand-new high-definition models from Logitech.

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Asteroid tech demo

It's a fiction virtual world that takes you to the inhabited research base within asteroid ring. Pioneer this small world with it's unusually bright days and pitch black nights. Step on the ground where no man stand before.

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Outdoor shadows solution for Quest3D

Flexible solution for realtime shadows in outdoor scenes. Includes SSAO & parallel-split shadow maps. Shadow maps are deffered, this provides easy integration in your pipeline and shaders. Updated for Q3D 4.3

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3DUI Grand Prize 2010

VRM team won the second prize on the
"3DUI Grand Prize 2010" video-submission contest, that recently takes place as part of "IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 2010" in Waltham, Massachusetts USA.

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Screen Space Ambient Occlusion for Quest3D

SSAO is a relatively cheap way to improve visual quality of lighting in dynamic and static scenes.
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Quaternions for Quest3D

Introduces Quaternion data type to Quest3D engine. It also includes several math and conversion functions. All structures and functions made in form of custom Quest3D channels (15 channels in sum).

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VR Starter Kit for Quest 3D

VR Starter Kit with full support of P5 data glove, and Vuzix VR920 head mounted display. Updated for Q3D 4.3

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VR Hardware

Here you can read about various VR hardware which available on market today.
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P5 Sandbox

P5 Sandbox is an interaction test for P5 data glove. Version 1.1 gives you a basic ability to interact with four boxes on virtual playground. Test was made during development of VR Starter Kit.

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Windows 7 touch for Quest3D

Windows 7 touch for Quest3D, simple channel to provide support of on-touch event for integrated touch-screen solutions
Available for Q3D 4.2.3, 4.3, and 4.3.2

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PowerBoat is a technological demo, with high-level of visual rendering quality, and complex GUI. It allows users configure vessel by their own taste and choose different options.

[Under development]

Maxim Lysak: maxim.lysak@3dvrm.com
Viktor Kuropyatnik: viktor.kuropyatnik@3dvrm.com
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